Frequently Asked Questions



Q:  Can my player wear a taped on jersey number? The referee said it was ok.
        A:  No. If the referee allows it the opposing team has the right to contest the results by having the referee note the taped on jersey on the game card. The league will rule on the issue and most likely take points away from the team with the taped on jersey. The contesting team will not get any extra points.
Q:  In a split division with brackets A and B, who gets prizes for winning?
        A:  The 1st place teams in each bracket get Champions prizes. 2nd place does not get a prize.
Q:  When is a game considered an official game and not made up?
        A:   A game is "official" if more than 5 minutes into the 2nd half has been played. If the game is stopped prior to 5 minutes into the 2nd half the game will be rescheduled for makeup.
Q:  Do I have to pay the officials for both the original game that was rained out and the makeup game?
        A:  Yes, you have to pay the officials for both games, but the league will reimburse you for the amount you paid the referees at the rained out game. Fill out the Team Reimbursement Form and mail it into the League Commissioner.
Q:  Does my team get points for a shutout if the game ended in a 0 - 0 tie?
        A:  No. See - How To Calc Points.
Q:  How do I know if my game is rained out? And I don't have to show up at the field?
        A:  You should show up at the field unless the Rainout Hotline reports the Complex and/or field and game time is closed due to bad weather. If your team does not show up at the field you run the risk of a forfeit and forfeit fines. Rainout Hotline

The NTWSA Field Coordinator checks with the each complex multiple times each game day and updates the NTWSA Rainout Hotline immediately upon finding out a field has been closed that day.

A referee may cancel 1 game because of weather or other circumstances, but the next game may be played because weather cleared.
Q:  What should I do if:
    - No referees show up for my game?
    - Lights don't come on for a night game?
        A:  Call the NTWSA Field Coordinator.
Q:  How many players are necessary to play a game?
        A:  A team needs 7 players to start and play a game. If you only have 7 and lose a player due to injury or red card after the game has begun your team will forfeit the game.
Q:  To whom should I send completed Referee Evaluation Form?
        A:  All Referee Evaluation Forms should be sent to the NTWSA Field Coordinator.
Q:  Why should I fill out and send in a Referee Evaluation Form?
        A:  NTWSA can file a complaint with the local in which the referee is working. NTWSA will not make a complaint without a written report from the team. Complaints from multiple teams will add weight to any complaint made by NTWSA. The referee will be evaluated by senior referees and measures may be taken to correct the situation.
Q:  Who should I contact if one of my players has received a red card?
        A:  Red cards are handled by NTWSA VP who is the Appeals and Discipline Officer. Report the red card to your Division Commissioner and call or email VP - Celia Pina.
Q:  If we are the home team on a field other than our designated home/alternate field, are we still responsible for providing nests an flags?
        A:  Yes. You are responsible for providing nets and flags if you are the "Home Team" on any field that doesn't provide nets or flags for you. If you have questions about whether or not a field provides them or not, check the website or call or email the NTWSA field coordinator before you game. Don't wait until you have to forfeit.
Q:  Can my team where soccer pennies for a game?
        A:  No. No matter what the referee says. Deviating from your declared primary and alternate jerseys will result in a forfeit.
Q:  How can my team forfeit a game and not pay a forfeit fine?
        A:  To avoid a forfeit fine, you must inform your division commissioner at least 72 hours before the game. This allows the league to avoid paying field and referee fees.
Q:   If my player is running late and we can't find her id, can she use her driver's license to play the game?
        A:  No - not even if the referee says it is okay to do so. If the referee says it is okay, report that referee to the Field Coordinator immediately.
Q:   What are the fees for the center referee and 2 linesman?
        A:   Center Referee should receive $50 from the home team. The 2 linesman should receive $30 each from the visiting team.
Q:   Our game only had one referee and one linesmen. The referee says we have to pay the other 30.00 for the linesmen not present so they can split it. Do we have to pay?
        A:   No - never pay for a linesmen or referee that is not present. If anyone tries to tell you this, report the referee/linesmen immediately to the Field Coordinator.
Q:   During our game, a player on our team was seriously injured. The referee says it's okay to stop the game because the league will reschedule. Is this okay?
        A:   No - the referee does not have the authority to call a game due to injury. As long as both teams have the 7 player minimum, the game must continue. Our league rules state that games will not be rescheduled due to lack of players.
Q:   The referee threatened to call a forfeit 10 minutes after the designated start time because our ID cards weren't here yet. Is this allowed?
        A:   No - the rules state that a team is allowed 15 (fifteen) minutes after the scheduled game time to get the minimum number of players (including ID cards). If any referee tries to call a game for this before the 15 minutes, report the referee to the Field Coordinator.
Q:   Our game was abandoned because of player misconduct. Do we get to play our game at a later date?
        A:   If a game is not completed due to misconduct on one of the teams, the NTWSA A&D committee will decide the outcome of the game.
Q:   If our game is scheduled for 1:00 pm and we are waiting for one of our players to get to the field (i.e. our goalie), can we delay starting the game?
        A:   No!!! If both teams have the minimum of 7 players at the field and it is 1:00 pm, the referee will start the game. If you choose to delay the game, the referee will contact the Field Coordinator.
Q:   I want to turn in a referee evaluation form (either good or bad), but I can't read the names on the game card. Can I still turn it in?
        A:   Yes, please send in the card with your comments no matter if you have the referee/linesmen complete names. The Field Coordinator can talk with the Referee Assignor and get the information if necessary.