North Texas Womens Soccer Association

NTWSA Bylaws and Rules


Each person having any responsibility whatsoever for a team participating in NTWSA is responsible for reading and understanding these rules. In the event charges of infraction of these rules are made against a captain, coach, player, manager and/or team representative, claims by said accused person of ignorance of these rules will not be considered a viable defense to said charges. It is each team's responsibility to see to it that each person having any responsibility for the team receives a copy of these rules and that copies are made available, read and understood by all of the team's coaches, players and/or representatives.

The bylaws and rules of NTWSA were written for the benefit of the league and its players. While the bylaws and rules are intended to be comprehensive and thorough, it should be understood that not all situations, circumstances, and events can be anticipated, and therefore, covered precisely. Further, it is recognized that on occasion conflicting rules or statements may occur. Therefore, it shall be the firm policy of this Board in resolving such conflicts to exercise its authority to override and/or interpret these rules and bylaws in keeping with their intent and purpose and in the best interest of the league and the spirit of the game.