North Texas Womens Soccer Association


NTWSA Hall of Fame - The League's Highest Honor

North Texas Women's Soccer Association selects its Hall of Fame inductees from those who stand out as organizers and promoters of NTWSA and the women's soccer program throughout North Texas, nationally and internationally. Their hard work and tireless dedication cannot ever be adequately rewarded. However, we hope this recognition demonstrates our sincere appreciation for their persistent dedication to, and belief in, the women's soccer program.

NTWSA Hall of Fame Members

Martha Dinwiddie
Janey Fields
William J. Kinder
Sandie Shepherd
Betsy (Bookoff) Veneziano
Jo Ann Willis
Jim Dupstadt
Cheryle DeMarco
Sherri Farmer
Vickie Warner Fletcher

Estella Reyes
Donna Todd
Sheely Whitlock
Liz Wolff
Becky Norman
Brenda Pennington
Anna Sparkman - 2006
Doug Jeffers (Blitz) - 2008
Albert C. Yzaguirre (Allure) - 2015
Jeanne Hays Stricklin - 2015