North Texas Womens Soccer Association


The captain's meetings are held twice each season. A team representative must attend each meeting. The representative must be a player or coach registered on that team. If a representative fails to attend the meetings, the team will be fined and be considered in poor standing until the fine is paid. NTWSA currently reserves the Richardson Woman's Center ( for the meetings.

Richardson Woman's Club
2005 N Cliffe Dr
Richardson TX 75082

Fall and Spring Registration

New and returning Team Captains will submit 'Team Registration' as follows:
Fall -- June 15- June 30 (APPROXIMATELY)
Spring -- December 1 - December 15 (APPROXIMATELY)

Note: FALL Player Registration will begin July 1 (APPROXIMATELY). SPRING Player Registration will begin January 1 (APPROXIMATELY)

If you request a bye date, you must submit payment prior to schedules being made. Please pay online through our "Online Payments" link located on the Home page. The cost is $50 per request.

Fall must be paid by June 30
Spring must be paid by January 15

Information Regarding Adds/Deletes

Prior to 3rd originally scheduled game:
You can add players to your roster up to your teams originally scheduled third game. If your game is canceled, this time/date restriction still stands. If the link is no longer on the website, then please email Patti, League Commissioner, and she will send you the player registration link if you are eligible to add players.

Post 3rd originally scheduled game:
If your team has had its third originally scheduled game, then Amateur/Over 30 can only add players if the roster is below 20 players and only add to a max roster of 20 players. Over-40 teams must be below 15 players and only add to a max roster of 17 players. If your team's third originally scheduled game is canceled, this time/date restriction still stands. You may delete players from your roster in order to drop below the threshold to be able to add players. All "deleted" player's NTWSA ID cards must be turned into to the League Commissioner before a team is allowed to add players.

The ADD/DELETE form is on the "League Forms" page. Please reference NTWSA rules regarding Add/Delete/Transfer of players.