NTWSA Land Search Committee

Join the Land Search Committee - This committee may be working on the most important project for NTWSA's future.
Some questions the committee will be trying to answer:
  • What is best for NTWSA?
  • Should NTWSA buy land?
  • Can NTWSA afford to buy, develop, and maintain land?
  • Can NTWSA afford not to buy, develop, and maintain land?
  • Where should we buy land?
  • Should NTWSA go into debt to buy, develop, and maintain land?
  • What about a partnership?
  • Should NTWSA wait?
  • How will this impact the league's current and future finanaces?
What work will the committee be doing?
  • Researching membership demographics.
  • Researching available locations.
  • Investigating cost of acquisition, development, and maintenance.
  • Preparing proposals for NTWSA board and membership.
To inquire or get involved contact
: Cindy Yaws at 972) 407.4573, Box 8 or Cindy@dallasnationalins.com