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Fall 2024 Player Registration Open 7/15 - 11/23

10 Game Season

Please pay attention to the title of the registration.  You will create a separate registration for each team you are on. 

July 15 - 31

Player registration per team is $55

Aug 1 - Sep 23

Player registration per team is $60

Minimum Number of Players

Open/O30/O40 (11v11) must have 15 players registered
Over-50 (9v9) must have 10 players registered

Age Eligibility Date

O30 - you must be 30 on or before Dec 31
O40 - you must be 40 on or before Dec 31
O50 - you must be 50 on or before Dec 31


For coaches or team managers that plan to be on the sideline.

Coaches (non-players) do NOT do insurance registration! Your insurance is taken care of within your coach registration.



EVERYONE must purchase the insurance in order to be eligible to play.

If you did not play on a NTWSA team in the FALL 2023 season or Spring 2024 or Summer 2024 Season, then you are required to upload a color photo of your government issued ID and and a color photo to use for your player card.  If you do not do this then it will delay your eligibility to play.

It is your responsibility to make sure this has been taken care of so that you are eligible to play. 


FALL 2024 Team Registration (Captains ONLY) - OPEN

Open from July 1, 2024 - July 10, 2024

Player registration will open approximately July 15th.

Minimum roster size must be met by July  31st.  

To register your team, click on the registration link for the division you wish to compete in. 

League Play Information

You must be a at least 18 years of age to play.

There are 3 seasons per year: Fall, Spring and Summer.  Open, Over-30 and Over-50  Leagues are mainly played on Sundays, however, games may be scheduled on weeknights due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.   Over-40 League (11v11) is played mainly on Wednesday nights on fields with lights, usually Cox or McInnish.

We do not own our own fields so we play all over the Dallas Metroplex; players need to be prepared to drive various distances to fields. 

Our Bylaws and Rules do not allow us to assign players to a team; only captains have those rights.  If you are  interested in playing in our league and have not been invited by a captain, please click HERE to join our player pool.